Applying for a Waiver

 You can use this form to apply for a waiver if you are disqualified from being a trustee or will be disqualified when changes to the disqualification rules are changed.

 Please read the waivers privacy notice before completing an application.

 To find our whether you are disqualified you should read our guidance.

 You should use this form if:

  • You are disqualified from being a charity trustee or senior manager; and
  • You want to apply for a waiver so that you can act as a trustee or be employed as a senior manager in a charity.

You do not need to apply for a waiver if:

  • The reason for your disqualification has expired (for example, your conviction is spent or your bankruptcy has been discharged). 

The Charity Commission cannot grant you a waiver if:

  • The governing document of the charity prevents you from being a trustee or senior manager.
  • You are disqualified for a reason that is not specified in the Charities Act.  For example if you are disqualified from working with children under the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000 and the role (trustee or senior manager) is a regulated position for the purposes of the Act, a waiver from the Commission cannot remove that disqualification reason
  • You are a disqualified company director and the charity concerned is a charitable company.

You should complete all of the sections that apply to you.  If a section is mandatory but you do not have the relevant information please enter N/A. 

You should complete the application yourself.  An advisor or advocate can complete it on your behalf but you need to ‘sign’ the declaration.  The charity or an external organisation cannot submit the application on your behalf.

After you complete the form it will be sent to a case officer for consideration.  We will try to provide you with a prompt decision but if there is a particular urgency you should explain this in the additional information section of the form.