Help when contacting us

If, for any reason, you cannot understand us when we contact you, then please tell us. We may be able to help or signpost you to other organisations that may be able to help.

English as a second language

If you want to speak to us in a language other than English, our telephone interpreting service covers over 150 languages. Just call 03000 66 9197 and tell us which language you wish to speak and we will arrange for an interpreter.

If we have asked you to attend a meeting, you may bring an interpreter with you if you would like to. Please let us know in advance and let us have their name and details.

If we have asked you to provide information to us for the purpose of an investigation and you only have this available in another language and it is not easy to get this translated into English, please tell us about these difficulties as soon as possible.

Visual impairments

We can provide correspondence in large print, audio or Braille on request. Please note that the latter two formats may take a take a little longer to produce than print.

Other impairments/disabilities

The Commission aims to communicate effectively, coherently and accessibly through all communications to ensure a fair and equal service for everyone.

If there are any other issues not mentioned above that you think we need to know about, for example, mobility difficulties that might prevent you from attending a meeting or that we need to make reasonable adjustments for, or you have difficulty emailing or writing to us, please tell us as soon as you can.

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